Sidewalk Chorus is a newsletter by Sebastian Hallum Clarke about how New York works and opportunities to make this city an even greater and more prosperous place to call home.

I focus on urban topics that impact New Yorkers’ lives, like housing, transport, local government, and public spaces. I seek to inform and inspire with a couple of posts each month.

About the author

I’m a New Yorker in my mid-twenties. I first moved to NYC as an infant, and my parents proudly recount stories of me hailing taxis when I was only a couple of feet tall. After moving around a bit while growing up in London, New Zealand, Paris, New Jersey, and San Francisco, I returned to New York in early 2021 and have made it my home.

I graduated from Princeton University with a degree in computer science and entrepreneurship, and now work at Google as a product manager on Google Maps.

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Investigating how New York works and sharing ways to make this city a greater and more prosperous place to live.


Sebastian Hallum Clarke

I'm a New Yorker with a dream of a city that is even bigger, bolder, and better. I work as a product manager on Google Maps, focused on helping people to discover places to visit and to navigate around the world. I’m originally from New Zealand.